What is Post Production?

Even within the film and television business this question is not easily answered by the bulk of craftsman who make up the core of a show’s workers. Post Production (Post)  is often a murky place that is misunderstood and under-appreciated.

Post Production Defined

Technically Post Production is everything after Production, hence “Post” in the name. But with the advent of new technologies, workflows and pervasive nature of vfx Post Production now begins in Pre-Production.

The areas that usually fall in the Post Galaxy include Editing, Sound, Color, Music, Visual Effects and Delivery.

These are purposefully broad categories that will be explored in greater detail in the coming weeks, but that I will be summarize now. Think of this as a Post Production Outline.


The Areas of Post

Editing- Whether you are working on a Reality Show or the latest Blockbuster one of the consistencies is that the footage that Production shoots must be Editing together. Usually this is done in “off line” manner and the master elements are conformed at a Post Production Picture facility. Like many articles of faith in the Post Production some of this is changing.



This area encompasses Sound Editorial and Sound Mixing. This involves everything from ADR to sound desgin, temp mixing to Music and Effects mix.



Everything from source music to composed music is included and gets more complicated if you are doing any live recording of music.



or DI (Digital Intermediate) as it is often known in the feature film world- Once a show has been conformed (onlined in old school parlance). A Colorist needs to review the show and shot by shot create or effect the look that has been previously established.



We have all become familiar with VFX work in the big Hollywood films, but a surprising amount now coasts under the radar on an average tv show because they are not obviouslyvfx shots.



I am lumping a lot of different responsibilities into this category. Post is usually responsible for delivering everything to the studio and/or Network involved in a project. This includes Dailies, Cuts, Final Masters, Archival Masters etc. If it needs to delivered whether a temp or final Post Production will ultimately be responsible for it.


This is meant to give a quick overview of what Post Production is. Please come back as I will dive into detail on each of these processes and the nitty gritty detail of how to get Post Production done.

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