Post Production Consultant Mission Statement

I have worked in the film and television industry for almost twenty-five years.  Most of that time was spent in Post Production. I have learned a lot and many of the current Post Production producers worked with me at one time or another.

Part of this project is a way to give back to an industry that has been very generous to me. I hope that this website can become a Post Production Resource for newbie’s to the film and television business, who might have questions about Post Production. Perhaps it will be a way of paying forward to the next generation coming up, particularly since our industry is going through one of the most significant changes in its history.

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  1. Duncan Nimmo says:


    Duncan Nimmo from Wingnut Films in New Zealand here. I love your blog, fantastic work!

    I’m thinking of creating a blog/website similar to yours, but discussing Production IT rather than Post Production. I was wondering how effective your blog has been? Has it had much attention? Has it been a worthwhile exercise?


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